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The future is here,

Business is done differently now than it was years ago. Having a telepresence is often a must, and with audio clarity and high definition video for the ultimate experience in video conferencing, Vivid A/V Solutions can put you at the front of the line. See and speak to others as if they were right next to you without the inconveniences, risks and costs of travel. Save time and increase productivity with a system that fits your budget.


Telepresence powers the way of working and interacting with friends and family, and whether your installation is for schools, government offices, commercial applications, or residential, everyone everywhere can be more productive through these face-to-face collaborations. You will thrive in today’s economy with an enhanced ability to collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers around the globe.

We offer systems from the industry’s leading providers such as Cisco and Tandberg, available at many price points.