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Peace of Mind & Home

ViVID's sister division 'PriVID Eye Security Systems', has been designing, installing and servicing security technologies since 1994. What was once considered a luxury is now a necessity to increase security in your home, and what better way to do that than to install a security system? Our security cameras and security systems give you peace of mind, and effective security measures are the best way to safeguard your home and loved ones.  Today our systems protect thousands of homes and businesses with reliable video surveillance, intrusion detection alarms and access control.

At ViVID, your security is our priority!

With cameras in and around your home, you can monitor activities whether you are in the house or halfway around the globe.  We can even provide video/audio 'guard tours' and video verification via our central monitoring station, alerting you via cell, email or text message of incidents as they occur.

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image_security_keypad2Secure your property and more importantly, protect your family with ViVID's burglar alarm technologies.  Our partnership with Honeywell Security allows us to provide you and your family with the most effective solutions in the industry.  Feel safer and more secure with Honeywell and ViVID.  We can also integrate various sensors into the alarm system, so say the temperature in your wine cellar exceeds a certain level, or there's a water leak, you and your service person can both be notified.  And if integrated with your home automation system, you can adjust the temperature or shut the water off remotely.

Video Security Systems
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